Upstairs at the Black Horse
6th – 9th June 2024

Upstairs at the Black Horse
6th – 9th June


Steeped in history and overflowing with character and charm, the Black Horse in the heart of Preston’s city centre has become a go-to destination for pub lovers who are having a day out in the busy city centre. 

The management and staff at this warm and welcoming traditional pub have worked hard over the last few years to gain a reputation for bringing the best real ales from across the United Kingdom together for their customer to sample and enjoy along with a large, hand-picked selection of spirits and wines, serving them with pride and making each and every customer feel like they belong in the confines of the Victorian building.

The entire building of the Black Horse is a grade II listed building, this is due to the site having a number of features that are rarely seen anywhere else in the nation. The bar is made up of an expressive tiled curvature, this helps to set out just how unique the environment of the pub is from the moment you walk through the door.

The mosaic floors and side rooms and corridors create the invitation for you to explore this classic northern English hostelry by moving deeper into the building, there is also a large staircase that leads upstairs to a function room with its own bar and seating area. There is also an open fire, where we burn smoke-free fuel, for you to sit by to stay warm on those cold winter days or nights.

But our team understands that you expect us to go further by ensuring that we only serve you with the best quality beers and spirits that we can source from the suppliers that we work with, all of whom go to great lengths to find the finest real ales that our nations brewer have to offer. We are sure that you will find a beer or spirit that will suit your tastes, no matter what your favourite tipple is.